Transcendent-Visions, the home of Elandria Broughton-Sheard

Welcome... Transcendent-Visions, the home of me - Elandria and my collection of musings... artwork... costume creations... and stuff. Lots of stuff.

November 2013 - Yep, that time of year again!! I'm attempting NaNoWriMo for the 6th year and will be scribbling away frantically for the next 30 days which also means work on my other bits and pieces will have to wait until December!

June 2013 - Site overhaul the ongoing saga!! Still fiddling. Come to the conclusion I'm not ever going to be finished with this site, I enjoy playing with it too much :P Have added a page for my fanfic stories and still need to sort a gallery out for my actual artwork >.>

In the mean time you can find also find me here --> where I am a community volunteer mentor for the stock and resources galleries :3