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Labyrinth Fanfiction - A Twist of Bitter Fate

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I don't own Sarah or Jareth or the Labyrinth (unfortunately) they belong to Jim Henson & Co, and I'm definitely not making a profit from this.

All other NPC's are a figment of my own imagination.


This work of fan fiction is purely for shits and giggles, however please respect all copyrights and do not redistribute/copy/edit/claim as your own under any circumstances


First Published - 7th May 2008
Newest Chapter added - 14th March 2013
Work In Progress
Elandria Broughton-Sheard


Fear hounded her mercilessly, making every sound a new monster in a living nightmare. The innocent imagination that had once crafted the Labyrinth was gone, replaced by an ebbing cynicism and realisation that the world was definitely not as beautiful or as pretty and safe as the 15 year old Sarah once imagined.

She knew he knew she was there, somewhere in his Labyrinth, and she knew instinctively that he was either furious or just very irritated, and neither option was a particularly pleasant one. No doubt her somewhat precipitous arrival had shocked him more than it had her, though she was the master of her own devilry for picking the fragment of mirror up from where it lay shrouded by dust in the attic. In her heart she knew that this time... this time he wouldn't be so helpful. She laughed at herself in her head.

"Helpful my ass..." She muttered glancing back towards the dark mass of the castle in the distance, ignoring the tell tale pulling that indicated her stupid party dress had once again entangled itself in the myriad of creeping, thorny bushes that lined the pathways.

This time they would be playing for keeps, and she really wasn't sure if she was strong enough to stand against him again. A sound on the stairs below made her jump, a curse held back by a bitten lip. She turned slowly and looked him in the eye as he stood, arms folded and glaring, perfect in every way and as unchanged as the day he had first shown her the Labyrinth. She sighed and sank down onto the steps touching her cheek tenderly.