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The Abbey

Principle builders: Elandria. Build: Creative mode.

Inspired by the magnificent Cistercian monasteries of Fountains Abbey, Rievaulx Abbey and Byland Abbey in North Yorkshire, UK.

Like Rievalux my minecraft abbey doesn't follow the monastic standard for being east/west instead the nave/presbytery is north/south with the transepts facing east/west to make the best use of what space I initially started out with. We later moved the whole lot further east so I had more room, but I left the direction the same.

Fully aware that my efforts pale in comparison to some of the breathtaking (and ridiculously huge) cathedrals teams of people have made on other minecraft servers, but in my defence there's just little old me working on this as Lee (Rohiem) is busy working on his own projects and I'm not working to a schematic or plan, just going off what I know from my own experiences of visiting and researching theses beautiful buildings.

Flying by the seat of my slightly pixelated pants having learnt quite a lot when we built the castle :3

UPDATE: Jan 2014

You can now download "L'Abbey de la Bric" directly from here Its been moved to a superflat for ease of exploration :)

Would also like to say we're both running the MonkeyFarm version of the original John Smiths Texture Pack which you can DL from here --> [LINK](Youtube - pack download link in the vid info)

Please do take the time to DL this texture pack if you want to make the most of the buildings we've created on this world map, its worth it I promise!!

I'd also like to say massive massive thankyous to ZekeLand for doing an awesome job doing a guided tour around the abbey because I know nothin about doing vids :D Please go "like"/"fave"/"subscribe" !!!!!